Is Better Feedback on Your Radar?

According to John Hattie,  “…Students seek feedback. And feedback works best when you think first of feedback that is received not given.”  In addition, accurate feedback must be acted upon to move learners and educators forward.

As teachers and administrators, the quality of feedback we receive and give affects how quickly improvement happens.  Whether a teacher is giving students feedback on their performance or an administrator is discussing a recent observation with a teacher, so mu
ch depends on whether the recipient receives information that largely positive, bite-sized and actionable.  Equally important is the feedback loop that is in place so there is an ongoing dialogue among students and teachers; among teachers and administrators.stick_figure_interviewing_women_400_clr_12437

If there is inconsistent implementation of new practices by teachers or students, the quality of feedback is likely to be an important factor that needs attention.

To improve your feedback, learn more about how tools like Feedback Quick Cards™ and Navigator Implementation Gauges™ could make all of the difference.   Tell Me More

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